JoyRide Cycling Event

Gold Coast Children’s Center Ride to Support the Association in Autism Treatment (ASAT)


Event details:

Date: Saturday, September 23, 2017 – please note, this event has passed

Time: 4:00pm (please be sure to arrive 15 minutes early)

Location: 25 Old Kings Highway N, Darien, CT 06820

Toilet Training Made Quick and Easy!

A free workshop was presented on Saturday April 1, 2017, and included all the information needed to conquer toilet training in a fast and efficient way, including…

  • How to know when a child is ready
  • Setting up the environment for success
  • Methods for rapid toilet training
  • Teaching initiations for the bathroom
  • Special considerations (BM & nighttime training)
  • Teaching related skills to promote independence

Children's Safety Event

Gold Coast Children’s Center and Seth Morton, Agent with New York Life, partnered to present a free Children’s Safety Event on Thursday November 17, 2016.

Attendees received valuable information related to children’s safety, including articles, handouts with specific tips, and suggested resources from Gold Coast Children’s Center.  Information was provided to address topics including water safety, wandering/bolting, and getting lost in the community.

All parents and guardians who attended received a free identification card for their children through the New York Life Child ID Program.  The ID contains the child’s name, photo, fingerprints, contact information and other pertinent information the police would need in case of emergency.  Tens of thousands of children have participated over the years in the Child ID program, providing their families with peace of mind knowing that if something should ever happen to their children, they will have an ID with vital information to distribute to the local authorities.